Portrait of Chef Yves Scherrer


We love the look in your eye when you walk into our shop ready to treat yourself or someone you love... and we take that act seriously.

Everything in our shop is made by hand, designed with the best ingredients that are sourced with care… and by one of the best pastry bosses in Australia: Yves Scherrer, coach of the 2019 Australian Team in the World Pastry Cup (yes, there really is one). Yves is a classically trained French pastry chef with an unstoppable modern sensibility. He’s been at it, all over the world, for the past 20 years, and is dedicated to the art of pastry for you to enjoy.

Chef Yves has partnered with media and premium suppliers to help bring French pastry technique to life for a variety of audiences across: television, live demos, judging panels, food and culture publications and recipe development. For a sample of some of our coverage, please head over here— and if you would like to work with us on your story or event please do get in touch!