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We’re here to lighten your day, whether it’s in our shop or at home. Brekkie in bed? Covered. Better things to do than fixing lunch? Sorted. Partying with sweet tooths? Nice one. Delivery with Madame and Yves, starting now! With our partner Bopple, we’re just a few clicks away.

Bastille Day Picnic Box

Bastille Picnic Box

Bastille Day is all about celebrating liberation, and who doesn’t need an excuse to party over that right now? Our Bastille picnic box has you sorted with our take on classic French treats: you bring the fireworks. Order by 9 July to pickup 11-14 July before they’re sold out! $34 each, special assortment only available for Bastille season:
– Dark chocolate mirror tart with Valrhona chocolate
– Lemon and raspberry meringue tart
– “Paris-Sydney” which is our version of the Paris Brest 
– Vanilla Parisan flan

Madame & Yves, like Adam and Eve, is a love story… only one with a much happier ending.

We love the look in your eye when you walk into our shop ready to treat yourself or someone you care about, and we take that act seriously.

Everything in our shop is made by hand, designed with the best ingredients that are sourced with care— and by one of the best pastry bosses in Australia: Yves Scherrer, coach of the 2019 Australian Team in the World Pastry Cup (yes, there really is one). Yves is a classically trained French pastry chef with an unstoppable modern sensibility. He’s been at it, all over the world, for the past 20 years, and is dedicated to the art of pastry for you to enjoy.


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